The Last Laugh

For this assignment, we were tasked with coming up with a new film or show coming to streaming services based on the genre, location, and target audience that we randomly drew in class. We had to design the opening title sequence, a poster image, a short animated title clip, and a promotional image.

Role: Creative Director, Motion Designer

Programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

Initial Thoughts.

For this project, I had to come up with a horror film based in Boston for 28-year-olds. My husband enjoys writing short stories and had some horror ideas so I was originally going to create a film based on one of those. However, my dad then sent me an article about a real serial killer in Boston from the ’60s that I loved so I decided to go with that. I also thought that true crime is huge right now so I thought that a sort of dramatized documentary, similar to The Serpent on Netflix would do really well.


This project took an ample amount of time from brainstorming to final products. After I had decided what I was going to base my project on, I started thinking about sound as well as what I wanted to show in the title sequence and began sketching.

The Last Laugh
The Last Laugh

I stiched all of the sketches together to create the animatic.

The next step was to create the poster image. I searched for photos that included a bridge, but there weren’t any that really called my name. I chose one for the time being and then moved on to select the typeface. I ended up going with one that looked kind of like creepy newspaper text since I thought I planned on including the actual newspaper where he was featured in an article and that is how most news traveled at the time of the story.

Result & Growth.

This was one of the hardest projects in motion design, but it was also one of the ones I am most proud of. It took a lot of work and problem solving since I decided to change my plan a few times as well as figure out a workaround for some of the effects that I could not get to work.

Final Versions:
The final version of the Title Clip.
The promo image.
The promo image.
The thumbnail image.
The thumbnail image.

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